Google DNS Server Alternatives

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Google, the internet master has long been known to sniffing and logging most of personal data. That is their way to serve you targeted ads which might or might not help you at all (inappropriate ads). To be fair, Google do deliver service in exchange for your personal information.

People of the internet has been using Public DNS since its inception. Anyone who knows something about DNS knows that the following servers and belongs to Google. We don’t know if Google is tracking your every move through their DNS servers. If you don’t want to use Google’s DNS servers or if you want extra “privacy” and “security”, then take a look at our suggested DNS servers below.


List of recommended DNS Servers

OpenDNS Home,

Feature: Blocks unwanted sites, malware sites, etc.


OpenDNS Family Shield,

Feature: Same feature with OpenDNS home with added adult content blocking.


Norton™ ConnectSafe, (Security), (Security + Pornography), (Security + Pornography + Mature Contents)

Feature: Offers several level of protection for you and your family depending on the policy you choose.


Free DNS,

Feature: No DNS Redirects, No Logging


Level 3 DNS,,,,

Feature: Common and widely used DNS  server

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