Smart Postpaid’s New Default Data Rate

Smart Telecom will be disabling there 5pesos for every 15 minutes of data consumed to Php 2 for every 1MB consumed. I think Jack Ma is right that internet in the Philippines is no good. 2 Pesos for 1MB wow! if your a heavy user and in 1 day you consumed 1GB that’s 2000 pesos wow smart another brilliant idea.

Here’s the info from smart website:

When enrolled to the Php 2/MB default data rate, you will automatically receive SMS notifications when you incur the following data charges:
a) P500 incurred data charge
b) P1,000 incurred data charge
c) P2,000 incurred data charge

Upon reaching the Php 2,500 data bill cap, you will still be able to continue using the internet without additional charges at a throttled speed of 128kbps. Wow that’s super fast internet PETMALU LODI SMART.

The default data bill cap ensures that you will not pay more than Php 2,500 for your P2/MB data charges billed on top of your monthly service fee.

I think its time for a new telco here in the Philippines to avoid this kind of service.

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