Bypass MEGA Download Limit

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Anyone of you reading this post is probably frustrated of MEGA’s download limit. You probably have already tried MegaDownloader 1.7. If not, download the program and use it to download from Mega without the pesky limits.

What if even Mega Downloader fails to download? Now don’t panic, I have a very simple trick to show you how to continue downloading with Mega Downloader.

How to Bypass MEGA’s limit with Mega Downloader and Psiphon 3

  1. Download Psiphon 3.
  2. Open the Psiphone 3 app. You’ll see the CONNECT button, press connect.
  3. Now on your MegaDownoader, start the download of your file.
  4. When your file says “Downloading”, click DISCONNECT on Psiphon.
  5. Pause your file, then start again. It should start downloading again.

You need to do this with every file.

Download Links:

Mega Downloader 1.7
Psiphon 3

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