[Ragnarok Mobile] Endless Tower Pet Taming Item MVP Drop Guide

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There are several pet’s taming item in Ragnarok M: Eternal Love that cannot be bought via colorful shells. These rare taming items can only be looted by participating in the Endless Tower. In this post, we provide the monsters that you need to hunt in Endless Tower in order to drop the taming item that you want. Hopefully, you will soon earn that lovely Sohee or Baphomet Jr. pet that you have been dreaming of.

List of Endless Tower Pet Taming Item MVP Drops

  • Unripe Apple (Poring)
    angeling drake strouf goblin leader mistress mayaorc hero
  • Rainbow Carrot (Lunatic)
    golden thief bug
  • Banana (Yoyo)
  • Well-Dried Bone (Baby Desertwolf)
  • Sweet Milk (Savage Babe)
    doppelganger orc lord bloody knight kobold leader
  • Nutrition Potion (Mandragoran Seed)
    owl baron dark lord
  • Shining Stone (Petite)
  • Armlet of Obedience (Isis)

  • Contract in Shadow (Deviruchi)
  • Silver Knife of Chastity (Sohee)
  • Book of Devil (Baphomet Jr.)

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