Stop Home Credit Philippines from Calling You! (Updated as of 08/17/2019)

Home Credit Philippines

I have been receiving calls from Home Credit Philippines simply because someone has written my name and mobile number as a character reference. At first, I politely received the calls giving them information I know and helping them reaching out that person. But then, they’ve been calling me with the same script several times a day even though I have been giving them the information they need. What’s worse is that they do this on my working hours! They’ve been calling me every day to the point that I just block every number they used after every call hoping that I would stop receiving calls. But to my surprise, I still receive calls but from a different number. I think I have blocked over 10 mobile numbers from the past few weeks but they still find ways to call me. Talk about persistence.

The thing that I am furious about is that I don’t have any debts from them. “Wala akong utang sa kanila!”. I never used their services therefore they have no right to disturb me.

If you want to lessen potential headaches dealing with Home Credit Philippines, below are the numbers that I blocked from them. If you want to add more Home Credit Philippines numbers, feel free to comment below and I will add them. I will also update this post each time I receive calls from them.

List of Home Credit Philippines Annoying Telephone / Mobile Numbers (BLOCK THEM!)

  • (02) 2142711
  • (02) 7559311
  • (02) 7559312
  • (02) 756 2974
  • (02) 917 2426
  • (02) 9170585
  • (02) 917891438
  • 09151032483
  • 09157210826
  • 09163691480
  • 09171899658
  • 09171899709
  • 09171899827
  • 09171899863
  • 09173243729
  • 09173244290
  • 09174222661
  • 09177074998
  • 09177976807
  • 09178052014
  • 09178297563
  • 09178378156
  • 09178396198
  • 09178703017
  • 09178941051
  • 09178941065
  • 09178941179
  • 09178941359
  • 09178941446
  • 09178942050
  • 09178942347
  • 09178943295
  • 09178944777
  • 09178944832
  • 09179844840
  • 09189290594
  • 09207607154
  • 09266259617
  • 09388322374
  • 09389321792
  • 09486433821
  • 09653357041
  • 09985975712
  • 09985988389
  • 09985988398
  • 09985994240
  • 09988469097
  • 09988810609
  • 09989691019
  • 09992238180
  • 09992259110

13 thoughts on “Stop Home Credit Philippines from Calling You! (Updated as of 08/17/2019)”

  1. 09178943295 is calling me but did not answer. Knowing it’s from Home Credit, I immediately blocked this number. I did not have any previous business with them.

  2. 09178297563

    these are another numbers from home credit. Me and my wife are on the same boat as you are in right now, as we both used our name and mobile numbers for home credit without our knowledge. I wonder, is there a legal way to deal with home credit for what they are doing?

  3. Somebody used my number as their mobile number when they applied for Home Credit. Don’t they even verify if sa kanya talaga mobile number na yun? Nakakaloka.

  4. Somebody used my number as their mobile number when they applied for Home Credit. Don’t they even verify if sa kanya talaga mobile number na yun? Nakakaloka.

    1. Nakakalungkot talaga mangyari pag ganyan. Ikaw tuloy ang tatawagan ng tatawagan ng mga hayop sa Home Credit. Nakakainis lang. Ngayon di na sila tumatawaga sakin kasi paid na yung umutang.

      1. Naku sa akin tumatawag pa rin! At hindi nagbayad ang lola as per SMS received. So 10x a day na sila tumatawag. Ang saya! 6 am to 10 pm ang calling hours nila.

  5. Block these freakin numbers too.
    (02) 79173263
    (02) 79086603
    (02) 79173263
    (02) 77300203

  6. Kung Hindi nag lockdown Sana Hindi kmi nadelayed ng payment sa home explain na kmi,but dey kept on calling us..nakakabwisit na kahit natutulog na kami tawag parin Sila mg tawag..kahit Umaga kagigising palang tawag agad.nkaka sira ng araw..same Lang din namn Ang itatanong..anu ba dapat gawin?

  7. 0277576500 They called me. Lagi na lang sinabihan ko busy ako. Nilagay ng sister ko number ko dun as her reference. Nakakausap sila ng sister ko tapos sa akin tatawag hindi daw ma contact eh pano nangyari kakausap lang sila ng ate ko tapos sabin hindi ma contact daw. Sinasabihan na sila ng ate ko wag ako tawag kasi meron naman silang number ng ate ko bakit hindi sila direct tumawag dun. Nakakainis silaz

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