Iloilo City Molo Timawa Jeepney Route

Iloilo City Molo Timawa Jeepney Route

Molo Timawa Route

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1.Iloilo Doctors Hospital to Plaza Molo back to Iloilo Doctors Hospital
1. Iloilo Doctors Hospital
2. iloilo Doctors College
3. Iloilo Doctors College of Dentistry
4. Holy Rosary Academy
5. Dominican Sisters Mother House
6. Panaderia de Molo
7. Original Biscocho Haus
8. Iloilo Supermart
9. Molo Plaza
10. St. Anne Parish/Molo Church
11. St. Therese Chapels

  1.  Iloilo Doctors Hospital to Jalandoni Street
    1. UPV side only
    2. Iloilo City Carpool Area
    3. Iloilo Public Cemetery (side entrance)
    4. 88 Plaza Hotel
    5. City Dorm
    6. Gadgets Headz
  2.  Jalandoni Street to Ledesma Street
    1. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints
    2. Fine Rock Hotel
    3. Eon Centennial Plaza
    4. Colegio de Las Hijas de Jesus (back gate)
    5. Sea Oil
    7. 7/11
    8. Seventh Day Adventist

4. If the jeep is going to Terminal Market: Jalandoni Street to J. de Leon Street to Fuentes Street back to Ledesma Street.
1. Chito’s Hotel
2. Aglipay Church
3. Iloilo Terminal Market
4. Colegio de Las Hijas de Jesus (Main gate)

5. Ledesma Street to Iznart Street
1. Colegio de Las Hijas de Jesus (Main gate)
2. Robinson’s Place Iloilo
3. Starbucks
4. J. Co Donuts
5. BDO Ledesma
6. PNB
7. Security Bank
8. 1688 Mall
9. New Ginzu Merchandising
10. Martmart Mall/ Iloilo Supermart
11. Ong Bun Pension

6. Iznart Street to Rizal Street (Maria Clara)
1.Star FM
2.Iloilo Grand Hotel
3.Central Market
4.Socorro Drug Store
6. Circle Inn (Maria Clara)

7. Rizal Street to Plaza Libertad
1. Iloilo Central Market
2. University of Iloilo
3. Gaisano Guanco
4. City Corporate Inn
5. University of Iloilo Elementary and Highschool Department
6. Ortiz Ferry Terminal (going to guimaras)
7. Old COA Building
8. Iloilo City Hall
9. Plaza Libertad
10. BPI Main Branch
11. San Jose Church

Plaza Libertad going to Iloilo Doctors Hospital Vice-Versa please refer the above routes.

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