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Are you an avid shopper? Do you use sites like lazada, shopee, zalora, amazon, and other similar sites for shopping online? Do you use sites like booking.com, agora, zenrooms, airbnb for booking accommodations online? What about foodpanda for your food delivery? If so, you might want to cash-in on some rebates for your purchases.

Shopback.ph is an online portal that let’s you have rebates on your online purchases. Each site has a set percentage in rebates. For example, booking.com will give you 9% money back rebate for every accommodation you have successfully booked and paid. Even better, you can book hotels for your friends or clients (if you have a business) and earn additional income in the form of rebates.

Shopback.ph supports a ton of stores. You can see all the supported stores from their website. Some of these stores runs extra promotion for shopback alone.

To use shopback, download the shopback app or go the their website. From their, click or tap the store you want to make a purchase. Shopback will then track that store and add the rebate during the purchase. The rebate will take at least a month to confirm. Once you have reached at least 200 pesos, you can then withdraw that amount to your bank or Paypal account.

As of this writing, I have accumulated a whooping 7,369.12 pesos just by purchasing online. I also book flight tickets, book hotels, sell load (lazada, shopee) via the app. Just make sure that you get tracked first before doing your purchase.

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If you’re interested, you can start using shopback by registering here.

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