What the Death of a Loved One Teaches Us

The death of my mother has imparted my family many life lessons. Most of these lessons can only be realized during a loved one’s death. For this post, I have listed what lessons I have realized and what the experienced taught me about life.

I learned how to appreciate my life. I accepted my mortality and acknowledged that I am next in line.

Life is never perfect. Learning how to appreciate life let us live our lives without regret. Live life as much as you can. Experience life. Travel around. See the world. Make friends, lots of good friends. Because one day, all of these will cease and the only part of you that will remain here on earth is their memory of you.

Dying is inevitable. Accept your mortality. Take care of yourself by taking care of your health. Watch what you eat. Live as long as you possibly can.

I realized that we all will eventually die, so better plan ahead.

All of us will eventually die. Learn how to plan ahead. Don’t be a burden to your family. Plan ahead by getting a memorial plan.

I learned that the living will always have regrets.

The death of my mother has made me realized that I have regrets over her death. I wished I could have hug her more. I wish I could have took care of her more. I wished I could have save her. We all have regrets upon the death of a loved one. These regrets reminds that we are only human and that we are not perfect.

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